CKM Solutions

Keeping your restaurant running

Operations Management

Goals and Achievements

Like in any other industry, the first thing that you need to do is to set your business goals. With the help of CKM Solutions, you can create a clear-cut plan that will take your business to a standard that pleases you.

Applying Basic Standard Operating Procedures

Managing a restaurant is not a nine-to-five job that starts and ends when you are within the vicinity of your workplace. You need to know all the basic standard operating procedures by heart so that you can implement them properly.

Food Quality Control

From basic techniques such as the FIFO, to kitchen codes like mise en place, a great plate is finished by a focused chef.

Sanitation Evaluation

Running a business that concerns the health, food safety, and satisfaction of customers is not easy. You need to apply food safety techniques to prevent your restaurant from having a foodborne illness outbreak.

Financial Management

Training in Food Cost Analysis

Learn to manage your operation’s bottom line. Teaching the tools and information about a wide variety of topics including purchasing budget, monitoring the cost of goods, and expanding profit margins for menu items.

Inventory Spreadsheets

Create and understand your inventory spreadsheets better and use techniques on how to manage them efficiently.

Control Labor Cost

Labor cost takes up 30-40% of your total business expenses. It depends on several factors like sales volume and number of employees, just to name a few. Let's analyze your numbers and set your labor cost so you can provide your employees with income you can afford and they deserve.